Best Ancestry DNA Testing Services 2020

Best Value for Money

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Most thorough DNA test.
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Offers one of the most in-depth DNA tests.

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DNA-based diet plans.

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Tests for genetic disorders & diseases

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Personalized health reports

Best Value for Money


Votes (5711)
Get The Most thorough DNA test.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ancestry DNA Testing

1. What is an Ancestry DNA test?

An Ancestry DNA test is a specialized test that analyzes your unique genetic code and can provide insight into anything from physical traits such as eye and hair color to personality traits.  

2. What kinds of Ancestry DNA tests are on the market?

There are four common types of DNA tests on the market- Parental, Forensic, Gene Therapy, and Genealogy.  

Parental DNA tests establish and determine who is the biological parent(s) of a child in question, while Forensic DNA testing helps identify suspects or victims involved in a criminal investigation.

Gene therapy DNA testing tests parents or a fetus in utero for genetic conditions or birth defects, while Genetic Genealogy, sometimes referred to as a Lineage DNA test, helps individuals learn more about their ancestry and race.

3. How do I take a Ancestry DNA test to test my ethnicity or lineage?

There are several ethnicity estimate and lineage DNA test on the market. Testing with these kits is simple and pain-free, no needles or blood drawing required. Submit your sample to the lab by providing either a cheek swab or a saliva sample.

4. How much do heritage or ethnicity DNA testing kits normally cost?

Ancestry DNA tests range in price from as low as $79.00 to as high as $359.00 depending on test specifics and optional add-ons. Typically, the more genetic markers a test analyzes, the more expensive it becomes. However, with the rising popularity of these tests, many companies regularly offer discounts, coupons, or additional test kits at a reduced price.

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